Automating Discovery: LSI Unleashes The Power of Streaming Data

Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSI) is pleased to announce it’s now utilizing a revolutionary new way to process data. Ipro’s Automated Digital Discovery (ADD), the world’s first automated eDiscovery platform with data streaming, eliminates the need for batching data. ADD streamlines eDiscovery and dramatically reduces the time it takes to process and review documents, allowing users to go from a hard drive to review in under ten minutes.

“The Automated Digital Discovery workflow allows LSI to continue our goal of consultation, rather than mere order taking,” said Michael Lopez, President of LSI. “By being brought in on the front end of cases and being engaged in the initial discussions regarding discovery –  collection, processing and production – it allows clients a consistent and continuous review experience in the most efficient way possible.”

Automated Digital Discovery uses patent-pending technology to stream data for review in mere minutes, avoiding the errors, time delays and budget overruns often found with other eDiscovery systems. “It allows our clients a quicker avenue for processing documents directly into Ipro Eclipse for review. That means clients can load from their own server to the LSI Eclipse environment,” said Erin Perczak, Chief Technology Officer of LSI. “This exciting new tool allows users to easily upload data and process and filter it instantly, or at a later date of their choosing. It reduces the time, cost and inefficiencies of traditional processing for our clients, for both large and small cases.”

Ensuring media management is secure and forensically sound is a priority, given today’s chain of custody requirements and increasing regulatory demands. That’s why Automated Digital Discovery includes Media Manager, a state-of-the-art way to track your case data and keep costs to a minimum. It also gives users the ability to build a full chain of custody; quantify the scope and size of data collection; use hard drive identification and verification to ensure the integrity of data; apply “set it and forget it” templates to reduce inconsistencies; and manage and distribute data copying from several locations and sources. By tracking drives, along with data received by other methods, Media Manager also helps prevent data spoliation, giving an extensive chain of custody and streamlining data management.

“This is a big step in the evolution of eDiscovery,” said Lopez. “With the addition of Automated Digital Discovery to our discovery workflow, LSI has strengthened our already impressive commitment to providing clients with the most forensically sound, admissible evidence they need in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.”

To learn more about how to leverage all the benefits of Automated Digital Discovery for your eDiscovery needs, contact LSI today.