Don’t Hop on the Big Data Bandwagon Before You Read This

Big Data. The term has become so ubiquitous; it has almost become nothing more than buzzwords. It seems like everyone is trying to hop on the Big Data bandwagon, and with good reason – the numbers back up why Big Data has become Big Business. Every minute of every day, an additional 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, 600 new websites are created, 600,000+ pieces of content are shared on Facebook, more than 200 million emails are delivered and 100,000 tweets are sent. Volumes of data are also created by corporate databases, sensors, medical records and other sources. This volume of data is only going to grow larger – a 2014 study by EMC Corporation predicted that by the next decade, the size of the “digital universe” will expand to 44 trillion gigabytes of information.

It may be more “sexy” and “buzz-worthy” to talk about numbers like these than to get caught up in the minutiae of how your data is processed and, more importantly, how it is stored. While it is true that one terabyte of data can be processed in 30 minutes or less, it is more important to make sure your data is processed correctly and is well-protected than it is to meet the same expectations that apply to having a pizza delivered. Many vendors are really data brokers, similar to insurance brokers, making them nothing more than middle men in the process. While some of our competitors follow that model, at LSI we operate in a different manner, utilizing the latest technology, a repeatable process and a flat-rate pricing model to deliver predictable results. We control the process so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Because protecting client data is such an integral part of the process, LSI vetted several facilities  in Colorado before partnering with FORTRUST, one of the nation’s premier data centers. Their off-site, secure location with 24/7 armed guards, combined with their 100 percent uptime guarantee, makes them the perfect partner to ensure your data is secure.

LSI always has firm control over the quality of our work, which helps to control costs, and our dedicated Project Management team is always on call to respond to any questions or concerns.

Don’t be intimidated when you hear the words Big Data, and don’t let the sheer volume of information out there overwhelm you. When you need to wrangle Big Data, partner with a litigation support firm that understands the importance of your information and protecting it in the safest manner possible. Choose a firm that is more than a eDiscovery broker or middle man – partner with a vendor committed to processing your data correctly, storing it securely and delivering the forensically sound, admissible evidence you require. Contact LSI today to learn how we take the Big Hassle out of Big Data.