Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


At LSI, we deal with a lot of cases where an employee leaves a company, taking valuable, proprietary information with them. The theft of this intellectual property may not be discovered for months; however, by then their electronic assets have been reallocated to other employees, destroying potential evidence. This leaves the company with little or no recourse against the ex-employee and, potentially, their new employer.

In cases such as this, we can make forensic images of the media involved, such as hard drives, USB drives, cell phones, etc., and try to recreate the ex-employee’s actions. The possibility of finding pertinent data decreases with time.

As a result, we’ve developed two services to provide credible recourse for the wronged company:

Forensic Vault

We work with the corporate client (and/or their law firm) to make forensically sound copies of all electronic media BEFORE it is reallocated to other personnel. This preserves the electronic evidence for use several months later, if needed.