Litigation Solutions Inc. Earns Ipro Certifications and Expands Partnership

Litigation Solutions Inc., a full-service litigation support company, recently earned three prestigious Ipro Certifications from Ipro Tech LLC, a worldwide leader in the design of eDiscovery litigation software.

LSI earned the Ipro Review Partner, Processing Partner and Reseller certifications. These certifications assist LSI in providing superior litigation support services to law firms, government agencies and corporations around the world. Ipro recognizes LSI as delivering the highest quality service to clients by successfully fulfilling and maintaining infrastructure and staff training certification requirements necessary to become an Ipro Partner.

LSI and Ipro press release image

Designed to simplify the eDiscovery process, Ipro’s applications combine high-speed and advanced technology to streamline workflow, saving clients time and money. Ipro’s solutions complement LSI’s full suite of litigation services including consulting, computer forensics, scanning, collection, ECA culling, hosting managed review, production and an experienced project management team.

“Our partnership is an expansion of our extensive litigation support services,” said Michael Lopez, president of LSI. He added, “We currently offer Allegro for early case assessment, Eclipse for web-based review and advanced analytics, and eCapture for processing and productions. We now have three certified Eclipse Sales Experts on staff and will soon add Eclipse and eCapture administrators.”

Lopez recently toured Ipro’s 30,000-square-foot headquarters in Tempe, Ariz. with Chief Financial Officer, Bret Lawson. While on the tour, Lopez connected with Mark Gill, Business Development Manager at Ipro and LSI’s primary contact. Gill and the Ipro team introduced Lopez to powerful resources and key personnel who provide support, education, training and technical expertise.

“I am confident that Ipro is a champion for litigation solutions. The tour was enlightening and cemented my belief that we’ve chosen the most qualified partner to serve our clients well,” boasted Lopez.

To learn more about LSI litigation solutions including Ipro software, please contact Litigation Solutions Inc. at (303) 820-2000.

About Litigation Solutions Inc.
Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSI) is a full service litigation support company offering a complete range of solutions by a professional staff. We assist clients with their electronic discovery needs from data collection and analysis of phones, tablets, desktop and laptop devices through document review and production. We process and convert data to TIFF or leave it in a native file format for review in one of our web-based review tools.
From the time your case is filed to the time it goes to trial, LSI is fully equipped to deliver the right solution at the right time. With more than 15 years serving the legal industry, LSI will meet and exceed your requirements at every stage in the life of your case.