Our Solutions


Law firms and corporate counsel rely on LSI’s in-house team of Ipro-certified discovery experts to deliver defensible, secure and cost-effective solutions. While technology may evolve, the journey through each EDRM stage has become an industry standard and what guides our methodology. From identification through production, our goal is to provide cost-effective and time-efficient solutions.

People and Tools: Our project coordinators are the core of our success. When clients are faced with unknown production technology or provided with processing limits that would make any normal adult look for a corner to hide in, our team steps in. Certified in multiple platforms, they accurately identify, collect, process, review and produce the evidence you need to win a case.

Expert Witnesses: Like the Denver Broncos, we believe a good game plan includes a solid defense. Our experts have years of experience in testifying as to how evidence was gathered and processed. On the other side of the coin, we can also play offense in testifying to other experts’ methods and conclusions.


Both the attorney and the client have enough to worry about when it comes to building a case. Your litigation solution shouldn’t add to that fear or stress. Our guidance and education through large-scale document reviews and production allows you to confidently take the opportunities that come your way.

Quality Communication: No two cases are the same and neither are judges. The alphabet soup of acronyms and definitions in eDiscovery can confuse even the most experienced lawyer or judge. Our project coordinators are always available to help translate to attorneys, judges and even opposing counsel’s IT staff.

Document Management: We all know the image of boxes being piled up in the office. Our team of consultants are born to conquer the everest of paper mountains by automating production, saving you up to 85% on manual costs.

Copy / Scan

We really are living in a digital age, but our court system is still in a material world. LSI’s equipment is built to handle anything from large document productions to presentation boards and even mail out services. Last-minute requests for presentation boards or bindery services needed? Bring it on.

High-Speed Equipment: Our production facility is outfitted with high-speed scanners, digital copiers and reprographic equipment to handle anything from blueprint scans to oversize copying or digital conversions for archiving.

Quality Control: Production speed only matters if the quality keeps up. Our quality control procedures were developed from decades of experience in handling the paper complexities that only the legal system can bring.

Hosted Review

The yottabytes are coming! We think a terabyte is big, but with the amount of devices used by people and types of data generated, legal professionals may soon cull through data the size of a yottabyte - 1 trillion terabytes. The LSI experts work to find the relevant documents to review a smaller population from the beginning, with flexible hosting solutions for data review by your team, multiple teams or in multiple locations. With a number of locations in the area, we also provide some of the most comfortable spaces for those times where you and the team need to come in.

Cost Efficiency: Data hosting is often the most expensive portion of discovery. With the amount of data growing, our team is always trained in the most cost-efficient ways of searching to find the relevant data set from the beginning, to save you money in the long term.

Security: After spending the effort in finding the right data, it’s important to preserve the data in a security environment. Not only do we employ the most up-to-date technology for hosting security, we also protect our local off-site hosting facilities with 24/7 secure protection.


The general population believes forensics is about white lab coats and cases that can be solved in one hour. We’ve been around the industry long enough to know modern cases are built on digital forensics. LSI examiners bring experience in the litigation process and perform forensic analysis with the latest forensic tools, hardware and software.

Intellectual Property Protection: You may not know it, but when an employee leaves they may be taking valuable and proprietary information with them. LSI can help establish protocols for data recovery when an employee leaves or help in the recovery of property once the theft is discovered.

Multiple Device Collection: Data doesn’t live on a single computer in the modern litigation world. It’s normal for the average person to have three devices where information is stored. Our forensic experts perform collections on each device to build a solid forensic framework.

Managed Services

In the legal field, if an opportunity comes your way to take over from a previous counsel, it may lead to the biggest case in the firm. Our team is certified in multiple platforms and has managed hundreds of transitions to ensure the review platform isn’t the barrier to taking on the case. We’ll work to get moving on the current platform or transition to a new platform in a quick and cost-affordable manner.

We Partner with Ipro Tech: Our partnership with a leading eDiscovery technology provider allows us to give expert training to law firms and corporations. Our on-site staff of certified Trainers & Consultants are vetted by Ipro as litigation support software experts. From initial consultation to installation and migration support, we train and consult on Ipro software solutions.

Ipro Review Partner: LSI provides clients with access to Ipro’s review platform (Eclipse) in a hosted environment.

Ipro Processing Partner: LSI provides superior data processing and litigation support services.

Ipro Reseller: LSI has the proven ability to effectively provide sales support to customers looking for solutions to handle their in-house litigation needs.