The Digitization of the Discovery Process

How to maximize the value of eDiscovery

By Michael Lopez, President, Litigation Solution Inc.

We live in a digital world, a fact which has taken the legal industry by storm over the past few years. The combination of cost-conscious clients and emerging technologies is disrupting the legal establishment, while providing client opportunities for increased efficiency and security. eDiscovery technologies and services are a major part of this trend, already well established and growing at a rate of approximately 12% each year, according to Gartner.

One of the major concerns of companies searching for an eDiscovery solution is how the vendor (and the eDiscovery processes) will fit in the attorney client relationship. A company may struggle to pinpoint the value of vendor involvement. It can seem inefficient to get a third party involved in the discovery process. And passing documents from the client to the attorney to the eDiscovery vendor might also put data security at risk.

Would you climb Mount Everest without a Sherpa? Probably not. Show up in court without an attorney? Definitely not. So why would you embark on your eDiscovery journey without a certified discovery expert to ensure your eDiscovery is defensible, secure and cost-effective? eDiscovery technologies are powerful tools, but without a clear methodology, compliance with industry standards, and Legal Professional Services to guide you through each step of the process (and record the trail), those same technologies can be a threat to defensibility. eDiscovery is not just a technology, but a business process, which needs to be continuously managed, analyzed and optimized.

A new breed of eDiscovery solutions – Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) – eliminates the inefficiencies, security concerns and process-related headaches of getting your discovery data loaded into system review. Ipro’s ADD streamlines eDiscovery and dramatically reduces the time it takes to process and review documents, allowing users to go from a hard drive to review in under ten minutes. With ADD, discovery data is automatically copied, processed, filtered and loaded into the review system with limited human interaction, thus removing the middle step of passing the data to your attorney to pass along to the eDiscovery vendor. Data is accurate, secure and uploaded for review in one click. The ADD platform includes media management, forensically sound data copy, high-speed processing with data culling, early case assessment, analytical review, production and full case reporting.

By utilizing eDiscovery solutions with the guidance of a Legal Professional Services firm, companies gain a simpler, more affordable and more effective way to process, track, review and produce discovery. The first step is working together to develop a review process strategy that ensures the maximum return on the eDiscovery investment. The plan should define:

  • Are we using eDiscovery to meet an aggressive deadline or specific cost reduction goal?
  • How will eDiscovery decrease the costs and time associated with the existing review process? How can we effectively prioritize to ensure this goal?
  • How will eDiscovery provide the attorneys with an immediate view into the crucial facets of the case (even before the discovery process is complete)?
  • What support will be available in court?

Are you curious about the potential cost and time-savings of ADD or how our legal professional services bring value to eDiscovery business process? Contact us for a free assessment of your current discovery processes and savings opportunities.